Report of activities carried out during the year 2012


0. Foreword


0.1.Activity context.


The Non-profit-making association \"Action to Fight against Malaria\", A.LU.MA-Burundi, founded in 2001 and legally approved by the Ministerial agreement n°530/001 on the 02nd of January, 2002 continued its mission which consists in contributing to the living conditions improvement by the fight against malaria, a disease which remains the first public health problem.


In Burundi, as well as in other sub-Saharan African countries, malaria remains the first cause of morbidity and mortality, the most touched groups being that of under-five children and that of pregnant women.


The A.LU.MA-Burundi interventions tally well with the two intervention axes recognized by the national protocol of fighting against malaria, namely the prevention and a proper and accurate treatment the cases.


During the year 2012, sensitization campaigns continued at St François d\' Assise anti-malaria Center for the benefit of the attending patients, thanks to the communication tools produced in 2009, namely songs, spots and mini-plays about the fighting against malaria, which are performed or screened each day at the Center.A public awareness campaign was carried out in the 5 communes CANKUZO province, namely the Cankuzo, Cendajuru, Gisagara, Kigamba and Mishiha communes, made possible thanks to the papal Foundation and SANOFI pharmaceutical Company grants. Compared to the previous years, the year 2012 was marked by the reduction of the number of patients who attended the Center, but also the rate of positive cases.



0.2. Thanks addressed to partners.


In reference to what is said above, and as the expression of thanks, we would thus like to express our deep gratitude to the attention of:


  •  the Chairperson of the Papal Foundation, the Cardinal Donald W Wuerl (222 North Seventeenth Street, PHILADELPHIA, Pa 1910, the USA) who keeps on supporting the Association by taking in charges the wages of its personnel, and this since the St François d\' Assise anti-malaria Center opened its doors back in April 2004.


The Papal Foundation grants constitute the most significant node in the life of the Center, a support without which the Center could not be functional. The Foundation remains until today the only partner agreeing to cover out the personnel salaries. Thanks to the Papal Foundation grants, A.LU.MA-Burundi could renew the painting of the Center at the time of the celebration of its 10th anniversary on the January, the 2nd, 2012. A.LU.MA-Burundi has also been able to organize a public awareness campaign of the populations of the 5 communes of CANKUZO province in the East of the country, a province which records a lot of cases of malaria.


  • May the Lord be praised for this work of the Holy Father which makes it possible to save human lives, low incomes’ people, and allowing at the same time creation of employments by the association. The Center counts to-date 20 employees.


the Burundi Apostolic nunciature which remains the interlocutor of A.LU.MA-Burundi to the Holy Sit and the Papal Foundation. During the celebration of the 10thanniversary of A.LU.MA-Burundi, organized on the 07th of January, 2012, H.E. Bishop Franco Coppola, the apostolic nuncio in Burundi chaired the celebration of the thanksgiving mass. We sincerely thank him for all the support the nunciature gives to the Association each time it is necessary.


  •  the Embassy of France in Burundi, which by its significant financing equipped the Center with a solid infrastructure which makes it possible to guarantee better reception conditions to the patients. The patients’ sensitization on the fight against malaria is carried out thanks to the apparatuses (television set, mixer, recorder) granted by the France Embassy. We seize this opportunity to express our gratitude at the attention of H.E. Mr Jean Lamy, the France Ambassador in Burundi. The main infrastructures of the Center are the pride of the Embassy and our association.


  •  the management of the British organization SURVIVE-MIVA for its invaluable grant which made it possible to A.LU.MA-Burundi to acquire a vehicle which hugely renders services to the Center, this benefiting the patients who attend the Center.The transfers of the critical cases towards the Military Hospital of Bujumbura are done using this vehicle.This vehicle also made it possible to ensure transportation of the Center personnel.


  •  the General Directorate of the German Organization Medeor Action which supported A.LU.MA-Burundi Association since its creation by granting it assistance in drugs. In addition to this material support, this organization, first partner of A.LU.MA-Burundi makes its publicity, and shelters the drugs account through which private individuals sponsors are forwarded. In 2012, Medeor Action produced a mailing talking about A.LU.MA-Burundi and its work in the fight against malaria.


  •  the World Funds to Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for its multipurpose support: drugs (the artesunate / amodiaquine molecule).This partnership was materialized in 2009 by the signature of a convention through which the Malaria Program of the World Funds gave to A.LU.MA-Burundi a 4x4 TOYOTA HILUX van. This vehicle was of a great utility in the realization of the public awareness campaign on the fight against Malaria in Cankuzo province in the East of the country.



  •  Mr Claudio TOGNOLA, Director of the Swiss Co-operation Office in Burundi, for the grant which made it possible for A.LU.MA-Burundi to equip the St François d\' Assise anti-malaria Center in solar energy, functional since August 2012. This reinforces the Center capacities, and ensures its energy autonomy.


  •  the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, His Excellence Bruno Brommer, for a grant which made it possible to equip the St François d\' Assise anti-malaria Center with a solar water pump.In 2006, the Embassy of France had funded, through the Social Development, a drilling of a well; the apostolic nunciature had funded the purchase of a 10,000 cubic meter tank, while the Interbank Burundi had funded the purchase and installation of an electric water pump. The use of this well could cause expenditures in electric power consumption, expenditures which could have served to meet other Center needs in the correct treatment of cases. The Embassy of Germany which funded the purchase and the installation of this solar pump also raised the level of the tank to guarantee a good distribution of water in the various services of the Center, especially the toilets for a good cleansing.


  •  the Ministry of Public health which associates A.LU.MA-Burundi as a partner in its various initiatives of fighting against malaria. A.LU.MA-Burundi is also associated in all the activities organized by the National Integrated Programme of Fighting against malaria.


  •  the WHO which supports activities of A.LU.MA-Burundi Association by ensuring the accommodation of its Legal Representative participation in theInternational Health Partnership + (IHP+) Meetings as a Civil Society representative. The 4th Meeting of the teams in charge of the Health sector in IHP+ countries was held in Nairobi/Kenya in December 11th-14th, 2012, a meeting which recorded more than 200 participants coming from several IHP+ Member States.


  •  SANOFI Pharmaceutical Company which granted a financial support which allowed the Association to organize a songs’ competition on the fight against malaria in Cankuzo province during the month of December 2012. The best group which received the first price is the group “Inkona mu mahoro” from the Cendajuru commune. We are thankful to the Company management which promised to strengthen this partnership.



  •  the Belgian organization Ex-Change which has made available to the Association a senior expert who’s name is Dirk Demeulemeester, who spent two weeks at the Center, from June 29 to July 12, 2011, and who has been able to evaluate the capacities of the St François d\' Assise anti-malaria Center, and made recommendations in connection with the reinforcement of its capacities.At the end of its mission, he promised to help the Association to find other sponsors who could contribute to the technical and financial reinforcement of the Center to improve its performances. In 2012, he has been able to secure some grants from the following institutions: Federation of the Dutch-speaking hospitals, CAP Institution in Courtrai, the Knokke-Heist Congregation, the Knokke/Blankenberge Hospital, and the Courtrai Sacred Heart Institution. We thank him for this creditable work achieved. We also took this opportunity to express our gratitude to the attention of the heads of these institutions for this solidarity which will make it possible to save human lives.


  •  Mr Jiwani Shafiq, Director of ALSAFA (import-export) who has continuously support the Association by varied grants and this since November 2005.


  •  Mrs Nicola MARTIN, from the GIZ Water Program Sector for her grant of Burundian Francs (BIF) 325,000 which will allow a free of charge treatment for 1,083 under five children.


  •  Mr Benoît, the Administrator and Managing Director of the SOGEAR Insurance Company for his grant of BIF 1,000,000, which will allow a free of charge treatment for 3,330 under five children.



  •  the French Association “A Portée de la Main” (APM) which facilitated the transportation of computers provided by the Computer Aid International (England) charity organization, computers which will make it possible to create an internet café in 2013 as an income generating activity.


  •  Mrs Annemarie Keicher, privileged interlocutor of ALU.MA- Burundi before the St Nicolas Parish and the Gundelsheim Commune in Germany. In 2011, she acquired a grant of US $ 3,500 (BIF 4,340,000) on behalf of the …… School. A portion of this grant, i.e. BIF 450,000 (US $ 363) allowed the association to carry out an activity of healthiness in the Kamenge commune, an activity organized during the celebration of the World Day of Fighting against malaria, on the 25th of April, 2011. Another portion of this grant, i.e. BIF 555.000 Fbu (US $ 448) allowed the Center to provide a free of charge treatment for 1,850 under five children. The remaining amount, i.e. BIF 3,335,000, made it possible for a free of charge treatment of 11,116 under five children in 2012. It is about a help strongly appreciated by mothers, and which allows A.LU.MA-Burundi to contribute to the reduction of the death rate due to malaria.


  •  the friends of Bonn and Mönchengladbach (Germany) for their moral support and translation services carried out by the Crampen Family of Bonn (Germany) to ensure a better communication with the German partners.


  •  the Organization France Volunteers which placed at the disposal of A.LU.MA-Burundi a Volunteer, Miss Delphine JAUSEAU who played the role of a technical assistant to the St François d\' Assise anti-malaria Center, for a period of 12 months.Her contract, which started in November 2011 ended in December 2012.We address to her a big thank you for all funds mobilization work she carried out. We can amongst other things quote the anti-malaria Center capacity building project, which functions since August 2012 thanks to the solar energy funded by the Office of the Swiss Co-operation in Burundi.


May all those who helped in a way or another A.LU.MA-Burundi to carry out its objectives, find here the expression of our deep gratitude. Each granted assistance is used to save a human life, knowing that the contribution to access to health cares at the Center an adult person must give a contribution of BIF 400, except for the cases of the very poor ones, while the contribution for under-five children is BIF 300. May the Good Almighty God who sees everything blesses them.


0.3.hat are we proud of?

We can be delighted owing to the fact that the number of the people suffering from malaria fell appreciably compared to the previous years, one of the consequences of the public awareness campaigns carried out by the Ministry of health in collaboration with its various partners, but also thanks to the massive distribution of the mosquito nets in several provinces of the country, of which the City of Bujumbura where the Center is located.




Number of patients

% of positive cases


















Moreover, we are delighted owing to the fact that partners reacted to our request to have a permanent financial support allowing ensuring free treatment for under-five children. Thus, the 4,516 under-five children who attended the Center were treated free of charge.


With regard to the sensitizing of the public on the pressing need for fighting against malaria, the association benefited from a financial support of the SANOFI Pharmaceutical Company, which allowed the organization of a song competition on the prevention and correct taking into charge of cases in the Province of Cankuzo. Thirty (30) groups of singers answered the call and partake into this competition.


In addition to this specific activity, sensitization to the fight against malaria keeps going on at the Center by the listening and following of the radio-televised spots and songs produced during the year 2009 thanks to the grants from the Malaria Program of the World Funds. Patients waiting for their results follow carefully these sensitization tools, and this is made every day, to make it possible to the new patients to have all information on the malaria transmission mode, its prevention, the behavior to adopt once the clinical signs of malaria appear.


It is important to also point out that the day starts with a prayer to entrust the life of patients and the work of the personnel to the Creator who gives us life.


A prayer which a attributed to St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,

grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;

to be understood, as to understand;

to be loved, as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive.

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.




A member of the personnel recites the famous prayer of Saint François d\'Assise: \"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace\". The prayer is followed by a short sensitizing made by the members of the personnel, by explaining to the patients the transmission mode of malaria, how to get prevented from it by the use of the insecticide impregnated mosquito net, and what one must do by the time one feels the malaria symptoms, by visiting health structures, and how to administer correctly drugs once the microscopic diagnosis made it possible to identify parasites.


Obviously, the greatest activity was the correct taking into charge of cases. And this could be done correctly thanks to the various supports: moral, financial, material and technical support. The personnel at the Center demonstrate a remarkable devotion, taking care to offer a good reception to patients. They are to be congratulated.



0.4. Met constraints.


The association does not succeed to find mosquito nets to be distributed to the people who need them, while it encourages its use as one of the prevention means.


The repetitive rise of the prices of fuel did not fail to affect the expenditure of the Association, to the extent that in 2013 the transportation of the personnel will not be as usually.


0.5. Future prospects:


During the year 2013, A.LU.MA-Burundi Association would like to create an Internet Café, an income generating activity (AGR), with an aim of gradually making the Center autonomous. Computer materials are already there, and we would like to equip the internet café in solar energy to mitigate the problems of the electrical cuts that we experience in the City of Bujumbura, and render functional the internet café, thus satisfying expectations of potential customers.


During the coming years, A.LU.MA-Burundi Association would like to focus its attention on the sensitization shutter by creating an \"Anti-malaria and Environment Radio \", a communication tool per excellence, with an aim of contributing to the achievement of the objective that the Ministry for Public health has fixed: \"zero death due to malaria in 2015\".


0.5. Conclusion.


A.LU.MA-Burundi urges its partners not to be wearied, for the way to cover is still long. Despite the provided efforts, malaria remains one of the great factors of poverty that face the majority of the people who attend the Center. Challenges remain, but there is no doubt that while combining efforts, we will come to eradicate malaria one day, and thus release additional energies for a sustainable development.


Even though the following could not be carried out until today, A.LU.MA-Burundi keeps in mind the need for initiating:

 a health and environment radio to sensitize the public on the importance of fighting against malaria, one of the poverty factors;

 an income generating activity to ensure gradually its autonomy.


May the Almighty God bless all these international solidarity actions which contribute to save human lives, especially those of under-five children who constitute the category of people more threatened by malaria. Since 2004, the Center has already accommodated 215.588 patients.

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