0.     Preface


0.1.  The context of activities.


A.LU.MA-Burundi is none lucrative association created in 2,001 and legally recognized by the ministry’s ordinance n°530/001 of the 2ndJanuary 2,002. That organization is pursuing his mission which consists in contributing to the improvement of life’s conditions by fighting against malaria. That disease is continuing to be the first problem of public health.


In his declaration of the 25th april 2,008, first world’s journey for fighting against malaria, the General secretary of United Nations indicated that a child of less than 5 year die in the world every 20 seconds; it means that 3 children every minute, 180 children by one hour and 4,320 children every 24 hours. By extrapolation, the expert in hydrology Gérard Cougny will say that this number is corresponding with 12 planes of 360 passengers which make crashes in the air every 24 hours.     


As in other African sub-Saharan countries, in Burundi malaria is remaining the first cause of morbidity and mortality. The more affected groups are those of children of less than 5 years and pregnant women.  


A.LU.MA-Burundi’s interventions go straighten with the two axes of intervention recognized by the national protocol of fighting against malaria which is consisting in prevention and effective treatments for present cases. 


During this year, thanks to the habitual partners and new ones, A.LU.MA-Burundi has realized some activities which go directly with the two axes of intervention.


About prevention, the Association has received a donation of 24,293,700 Fbu from World found against HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria. That donation allowed organizing capacity building seminaries for staff of anti malaria center. 11employees of the center has participated. It allowed also organization of campaign of public mobilization against malaria. The 25th april, world’s journey of fighting against malaria, it has been organized a motorcycle course from anti malaria center St Francois d’Assise located in municipal commune of Kamenge till public garden in center town of Bujumbura in municipal commune of Rohero. From the 5th to 19th November 2,009 it has been organized a campaign of mobilization in 13 communes of Mere of Bujumbura through the use of a car equipped of loudspeaker and various spots produced were heard. The important messages were about how is spreading up malaria disease by the vector mosquito, how to take in charge correctly cases and how preventing malaria with insecticide treated bed nets and the fight against mosquitoes by spraying pesticide around environment.              


The seminaries have been organized thanks to the support of new National Program integrated of fighting against malaria (PNILP) created in January 2,009. The plea has been done in 2,008 and its aim was the necessity of endowing the country of National program of fighting against malaria in order to express the government’s will of eradicating malaria disease. That structure would have as first mission to fix efficient strategies of fighting against malaria and make coordination of all interventions in that field.


As it is already stressed in previous reports, the financing of French Embassy and those of UNOB provided in 2,006 allowed to the center to get a hall of meeting and sufficient equipment (tables, chairs, PA system…) for seminaries and permit autonomy to the functioning of the center. 


 In order to have good functioning of the center, there must be accomplishment of various supports: moral support, financial, material and technical. Then, the center functioned thanks to the devotion of organizations and physical persons which share the same conviction with A.LU.MA-Burundi that the center can contribute to the improvement of life’s conditions of persons with small revenue. In this way, the action of St Francois d’Assise is an eloquent sign of authentic international solidarity and multicultural. 


Exceptionally, the year 2,009 will mark a remarkable donation of papal foundation which will cover remuneration of staff for the exercise 2,010 and the acquisition of two vehicles:


  •   A minibus; a donation of British association SURVIVE-MIVA(Liverpool, U K)
  •   A double cabin provided by malaria Program of Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and mMalaria.    

These means used in locomotion allowed the improvement of services given by the center, particularly in operating transfers of serious cases to the military hospital of Bujumbura where transferred patients are welcome with emergency. The locomotion of serious cases to their homes is also done thanks to these vehicles. Employees of remote localities from the anti malaria center are transported till the center town where they can find easily commercial buses. Thanks to the availability of these vehicles, procure services are easily done while before we had to resort to the cycle or to the taxis. These means allow today good organization of services of the center.   



0.2.  Thanks aimed to partners.


In reference to the previous, as by way of thanks we would like to express our deepest gratitude to:


  •  The president of papal foundation, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua(222 North seventeenth street, PHILADELPPHIA, PA 1910, USA)  whose donation was intended to cover wages charges of the staff for the second semester 2,010. We must underline that it is the same foundation which provide salaries of the staff since the beginning of anti malaria center St Francois d’Assise. That donation constitutes the very important path of center’s life.  Without such assistance the functioning of the center would be impossible. The Foundation is remaining till today the single one partner which accepts to contribute in providing staff’s remunerations. May the almighty be praised for that action of Holy Father which allows saving human lives especially for persons with small revenue.  
  • Apostolic Nonciature in Burundi which remains the interlocutor of A.LU.MA-Burundi beside the holy head office and papal Foundation. Our thanks go directly to the former Apostolic Nonce, Mgr Paul Richard Gallagher, for his permanent support to the anti malaria center. Additional to his key task of intermediary between Papal Foundation and A.LU.MA-Burundi, he gave to the center a donation of 1,800 USD which allowed helping free of charge 6,000 children of less than 5 years. 
  •  The French Embassy in Burundi thanks to his financing, the center got a solid infrastructure which allows guaranteeing to the patients good conditions of treatment.
  •   The direction of British Association SURVIVE-MIVA for his precious donation which permitted to A.LU.MA-Burundi buying a vehicle needed in various services by the center. This is the benefit of patients of the center. We are also thankful towards Mgr Evariste Ngoyagoye, Archbishop of Bujumbura who accepted to sign the recommendation aimed at SURVIVE-MIVA, in gratitude of charity acts done by the association through the anti malaria center St Francois d’Assise. We can’t forget to thank once again the former Apostolic Nonce in Burundi, Mgr Paul Richard Gallagher whose contribution established that relation between SURVIVE-MIVA and A.LU.MA-Burundi. 
  • The General Direction of Action Medeor, a German organism which supported A.LU.MA-Burundi since his creation in providing various support like medicines and equipment materials. That organism continues supporting our Association. That Orgasm is the first partner of A.LU.MA-Burundi and does publicity of the Association. It takes also in the medicine’s account through which pass sponsors of individuals.
  •  The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria for his multiform support: material of laboratory, tablets (molecule artesunate/amodiaquine), and financial support for realizing same activities as it is expressed above. This partnership has been reinforced during 2,009 by the signature of convention which allowed A.LU.MA-Burundi to receive vehicle TOYOTA HILUX, Type van 4X4 for three years.  
  • The Ministry of Public Health that associates A.LU.MA-Burundi in its initiatives of fighting against malaria being a partner. A.LU.MA-Burundi is a member of CCM/Burundi, the Committee of Coordination of the Global Fund programs.
  • The office of Brasserie-Burundi (BRARUDI) that has accepted to put on the disposal of the center a material for its kiosk of lemonade sustained by its services, the kiosk that generates some revenue for the functioning of the center.
  • Mr. Jiwani Shafiq, Director of Alsafa (import-export) who continued to provide all quantities of tablets of Paracetamol 500mg that the center needs. We need to mention that this action went on from November 2005.
  • The Keicher family and the parish of St Nicolas of Gundelsheim in Germany, Friends of Bonn and of Moenchengladbach (Germany) for their moral support and their work of traduction.
  • The Lavoie family of Canada for his gift of 500.000 Burundian Francs (almost 500 US$) that allowed to treat without payment 660 children under 5.
  • The general office of the society Toyota Burundi for his gift of 1.500.000 Burundian Francs (1.500 US$) that allowed to treat without payment 5.000 under 5 children.
  • Mme Isabel Macia of Mallorca (  island Baléares- Spain) with his friends from the ABFIS association for the gift of medicine and a printer offered to the center anti-malaria, of which gifts allow quality of services given to patients who visit the centre.
  • The Schoenstatt fathers of Mont Sion Gikungu for his gift made of boxes of milk for children that visit the center and manifest signs of malnutrition.



That all who helped in one way or another A.LU.MA-Burundi to reach to its objectives, find here the expression of our deepest gratitude. Every help given serves to save a human life, when we know that for one to have access to medical care at a health center, an adult person has to pay a contribution of 400 BuFrancs, except in the vulnerable cases while the contribution of under 5 children reaches 300 BuFrancs.


As indicated above, under five children were able to be treated without paying due to different gifts mentioned above. Our wish would be that every person who visits the centre is treated without payment, which supposes that there are some generous souls that pay the contribution in their place. A donation of 11.746.600 (almost 10.000 US$) would allow to welcome 29.366 adult people and 11.660 children under five received in 2009.


0.3. Actions of encouragements:



 1.  A national program to fight against Malaria was put into place.


During the campaigns of demand for a strong commitment in the matter of fighting against Malaria, A.LU.MA-Burundi has never ceased to request that a national program that fights against Malaria should be put into place for more coordination of stakeholders in the sector, and work together for the eradication of malaria. In the dates of January 13th 2009, the minister of public health signed a decree that created a nation program to fight against malaria (PNILP). Of course, it is important for the government to reinforce the capacities of this new structure so that it ca be operational to satisfy of all stakeholders, and become a main beneficiary and direct manager of funds of world fund in the fight against HIV AIDS, TB and malaria, and discharge the nation council that fight against HIV AIDS (CNLS) that is mainly in charge of fighting against the pandemic of HIV AIDS.



2.  Case management of children under five without charge.


In 2007, One part of the donation given by the parish of St Nicolas of Gundelsheim has allowed to take charge of 5,000 children under five without charge from the month of December 2007 till the month of May 2008.


A donation of 500.000 Burundian Francs (almost 500 US$) of the Lavoie family of Québec in Canada, a donation of 1.800.000Burundian Francs (almost 1.800 US$) from the apostolic Nonce, Bishop Paul R. Gallagher and a gift of 1.500.000 Burundian Francs (almost 1.500 US$) have allowed to treat without charge 11.660 children under five in the work year of 2009. Remember that children under 5 are treated without any charge in the public health facilities from the month of May 2006. A donation of 1.500 US$ from the parish of St Nicolas of Gundelsheim (Badenwurtenmberg) has allowed to receive without any charge 5.000 children in 2008.


This action of charity has shown that there are some parents who are not able to get 300 Burundian Francs to contribute because the number of under 5 children that are received in the centre has only doubled.




Number of received children

Number of children tested positive +



7 145

2 846



8 289

2 842



5 344

2 499



11 269

5 254





32 047


13 461



3.  The Reception of transportation means.


Even if A.LU.MA-Burundi was not able to get an ambulance as wanted initially to initiate a mobile clinic, the center has 2 vehicles in its disposition that enable its good functioning, especially in the case where transfer of hard cases is done smoothly. The association rejoices because it was able to contribute in the reduction of mortality rate due to malaria.


4.  The center anti-malaria has been knowing more and more potential beneficiaries.


Because if mobilization activities via advertisement spots and public manifestations, many patients affirm to us that they have known the existence of the center after a preparation of a running competition of those who ride motorbikes to get ends meet on 25th April 2009, the celebration of the first world day to fight against malaria, a race that started from the center anti-malaria St François of Assise situated at the junction of the commune of Kamenge and Kinama, and took main roads of the capital city, the 28th November Boulevard till the public garden situated in the commune of Rohero.


While the center has received 89 patients the Friday of 24th April 2009, it received 202 the following Monday of 27th April 2009.


From fifth to 19th November 2009, there was a campaign of mobilization that was organized to the people living in 13 communes of the city of Bujumbura. The result was that the following weeks were marked by a great increase of the number of patients that have visited the center.


0.4. Challenges met.


With the introduction of the new combination of the molecule Artesunate/ Amodiquine in one tablet in the month of June 2009, the center has known stock outs due to the new circuits of requisition as the health districts put into place by the ministry of public health for the good governance of those products.  The stock outs that affected us greatly are the ones that were produced during the recrudescence of malaria during the month of November and December 2009, where we received regularly between 200 and 300 patients per day, and the highest number being that of 364 registered on 21st December 2009.


As the center remains the only center in the city of Bujumbura that received people that feel suffer from malaria, the idea should be that it could be a special derogation so that requisitions are done without holding unto the regularities of reports of other health centers. It is frustrating to have said to patients that were found positive on the malaria test by telling them that there is no enough medicines, and yet many of those patients have no financial means to buy for themselves medicine that fight against malaria that exist in private pharmacies.


0.5. Conclusion.


A.LU.MA-Burundi exhorts its partners not to leave or abandon, because the race to run is still very long.  Despite all effort made, malaria is still one of the big factors of poverty that many people that visit the center are facing. Challenges are still there, but there is no any doubt that when effort can be contributed, we will reach one day to the reduction of consequences of malaria, and then to release energy in the long lasting development.


Even if this was not realized during the year of 2009, A.LU.MA-Burundi wishes to initiate a mobile clinic that would help in reducing the distances done by patients that come mainly from the communes of Mutimbuzi, Isale, Mubimbi in province of Bujumbura.


At the level of prevention, A.LU.MA-Burundi wishes taking an action of vectorial fight by the intra-domiciliary pulverization. Of course that supposes the reception of pumps and appropriate insecticide. For that activity to be a success, A.LU.MA-Burundi will be in need of finances to train its agents that will be needed in that action. In the first time, the action was needed only in 3 urban communes that surround the center anti-malaria, namely communes of Kamenge, Kinama and Cibitoke.


May the Almighty God bless all actions of international solidarity and the generosity that contribute to save human lives, especially children under 5 that constitute a group of people that are highly threatened by malaria.